Masterclass in Resilience for Managers (1-day Workshop)


Constant change and pressure, ever more demanding deadlines, technical issues, individual and team shortcomings and conflicts alongside daily pressures in the busy workplace have all been linked to increasing levels of stress. This in turn is causing organisations to look to solutions to equip their managers to deal with the inevitable decrease in motivation, productivity and output that this causes. Recognising stress and stressors as well as building resilience in managers and their teams is a key element in the fundamental prevention of stress at work. Minimising the impact of stress benefits everyone and ensures that motivation and engagement alongside commitment and performance are all enhanced by personal and corporate resilience; especially through times of uncertainty and change.Resilience at work encompasses a person’s approach towards work as well as the daily interactions that are undertaken in the working environment. Resilience is the ability to mobilise individual and team resources to accept, cope with and rise above adverse events while minimising stress and its impact, as well as to learn, grow and develop as individuals and as teams as a result of such events.This workshop is designed to equip new managers (or managers wishing to brush up on their skills) with their own personal tool kit that will help them to recognise and deal with their own stressors as well as recognising and helping their team members build their resilience and resilience techniques. We use the Look ->Think –>Engage -> Act principles to provide participants with the necessary tools to recognise and deal with stressors and build resilience in themselves and others; making for a better motivated and more productive workforce.


The best approach to learning new skills, or further sharpening those already acquired, is to work with live case studies and practical sessions. By applying the learning to a new role, a new project or incorporating it into a new situation in the workplace you can see immediate benefits. We believe in problem based ‘real world’ practical and applied learning that participants can take straight back to the organisation and make a difference right away.

Themes Covered

  • An evaluation of personal resistance (psychometrics) (one week prior to course)
  • Sharing what we mean by resilience and how we recognise the causes and effects of stress and stressful situations for managers and their teams
  • Understanding stress and resilience and recognising when we need act
  • Approaches and techniques to use in resilience
    - Interaction, Relationships and Coping Strategies
    - Problem Solving
    - Organisational Priorities
    - Self-Awareness and Self Confidence
  • Practical exercises and tools for building both personal and organisational resilience

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Participants will explore the need for recognising stress in self and others and the need for building personal and organisational resilience
  • Participants will learn techniques and approaches to building personal and organisational resilience
  • Participants will be provided with exercises and routines that can be adopted on a daily basis
  • With practice, participants can improve coping skills and learn how to manage stress more effectively
  • Participants will be able to begin build their personal and organisational resilience tools to enable them to tackle stressful events more effectively

Speaker’s biography:

Professor Vicky Vass is Managing Director of Stapleton International; a Global Management Consulting, Training and Service Solutions company which specialises in the Maritime Industry, she is based in Perth, Western Australia. She is a Psychologist by background and before joining Stapleton she had a long and distinguished career as a senior leader in UK Universities held a number of roles including Dean, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Vicky specialises in Managing Stress and Building Resilience; Managing Conflict and Emotional Intelligence. She also develops and delivers bespoke Leadership and Management solutions to organisations and coaches at C-Suite level.

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Event Properties

Event Date 30 May 2019 - 08:00
Event End Date 30 May 2019 - 17:00
Location Hotel Mercure Singapore Bugis - Singapore, SG
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