The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology is a body incorporated by Royal Charter (RC000256) and a charity registered in England & Wales (212992).

We are governed by our members through their elected representatives on Council and the Board of Trustees as well as through a number of Committees of Council, set out in our Bylaw and Regulations. This guides the operational activity of our Executive Team, which is led by CEO Chris Goldsworthy, with headquarters in London, UK and in our regional office in Singapore. Our members are expected to abide by our Rules of Professional Conduct.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is our governing body with overall responsibility for the Institute. Its work focuses especially on policy, risk management and strategic matters. View our Board of Trustees members here.

Our Board Committees are:

  • F&IC (Finance & Investment Committee)
  • Licensing Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Presidents’ Advisory Committee (PAC) 

The Council is responsible for our professional, technical and learned society activities, delivering much of its work via committees. View our Council members here.

Branches Committee

The Branches Committee provides oversight, monitors performance and offers guidance to the Institute’s global network of branches and joint branches.

Chair - Mike Watt and Keith Hutchinson

Council Executive Committee

The Council Executive Committee (CEC) oversees the implementation of Council decisions and fosters interaction and interworking between and among other Council committees, the Board of Trustees and the Executive.

Chair - Phillip Parvin

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has the responsibility to assess and scrutinise applications for election, transfer, reinstatement and resignation of our Voting membership (Fellow, Member and Associate Member), as well as the suitability of applications for our professional registrations.

Chair - Gary Hindmarch

Professional Affairs & Education Committee (PAEC)

The PAEC is responsible for setting our academic and professional development standards and making the final decisions regarding the accreditation of academic courses and graduate training programmes and the granting of IMarEST recognition for relevant CPD courses.

Chair - Ian Tuersley

Publications Supervisory Board (PSB)

The PSB oversees the quality of our conference proceedings and, acting through the individual editorial boards, the Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology and the Journal of Operational Oceanography. This includes the appointment of the journal's Editors-in-Chiefs and oversight of individual editorial boards.

Chair - Oliver Simmonds

Technical Leadership Board (TLB)

The TLB leads the Institute’s technical activity.  It oversees and supports the work of the technically-themed Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and identifies current, emerging and future technical issues and priorities. It ensures that the Institute operates in the public benefit by delivering sound technical outputs and providing leadership on key issues of importance and relevance to our members, the broader marine sector, governments and other regulators and the general public.

Co-chairs -  Jennifer Gomez Molina and Tim Kent