Sea Your Future

The Sea Your Future initiative aims to develop, encourage and inspire future generations into a profession in the marine industry. The new Sea Your Future Steering Group has been set up to encourage university students and early career professionals to enhance their professional skills by engaging with initiatives at the IMarEST. The group encompasses a variety of marine professionals who are at various stages of their career. This will enable the creation of an effective strategy forward. 

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With a plethora of opportunities available in the sector, the Sea Your Future project aims to inspire and educate high school students about the variety of professions in the marine industry. As part of the intiative, we provide a free student membership.



We are keen to support future marine professionals as they seek out opportunities in the industry. We offer a range of resources, awards and funding opportunities to support early career starters as they progress towards a bright future.



We want to help young and ambitious marine professionals as much as possible when they start their careers. That’s why we’ve created the Career Development Programme to help those in their early careers grow their technical skillset and expand their network.  

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SubRace 2024

As part of the Sea Your Future Intiative, the IMarEST is delighted to be hosting the SubRace 2024 in conjunction with QinetiQ. The European International Submarine Races challenges teams of university students to design, build and race human-powered submarines. In accordance with the Sea Your Future strategy, the event will inspire, educate and encourage students to get involved with the marine industry.

Find out more about the Races which will be taking place next summer. 


Discover our student and early career membership benefits: 


Free Student Membership

Student membership is free and open to all students, cadets, apprentices and trainees in the marine sector.

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Awards & Funding

The IMarEST is committed to supporting lifelong learning, rewarding both those starting out in their careers and those at the cutting edge of new developments in their profession.

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Student Sections

IMarEST Student Sections are a new initiative to support student members of the IMarEST at universities, colleges and academies around the world.


Career Development Pathway

Our Career Development Pathway supports you for up to five years following your graduation or completion of your cadetship or apprenticeship, by setting out a clear and structured path to gaining professional registration and getting a head start in the marine sector.