Sea Your Future

Supporting trainees, students, apprentices and cadets through their qualifications and for those starting out in their careers.

What is Sea Your Future?

The Sea Your Future (SYF) Steering Group aims to encourage students, graduates, apprentices and cadets to enhance their specialised skills by engaging with professional development opportunities at the IMarEST.

We're developing a schedule of events, including representing the Institute at different career events to inspire the next generation to join our industry. We also want to highlight the great work our young members do every day across the IMarEST's various channels - so if you are a student or an early career professional, share your activities online by using the hashtag #IMarESTSYF.


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IMarEST Connect

Join the Sea Your Future discussion on IMarEST Connect, our all-member engagement and networking platform. Use the Early Career Professional forum to connect with other professionals and share tips, ideas and comments.

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Who's who?

The Steering Group is made up of IMarEST members of all ages, representing marine engineers, scientists and technologists from around the world.

Ashleigh Kitchiner
Conor Savage
Elizabeth Joseph
Evan Cheok
Kobe Hoi-Yin Yung
Niru Dorrian