Awards & Funding

The IMarEST is committed to supporting lifelong learning, rewarding both those starting out in their careers and those at the cutting edge of new developments in their profession.



David Henderson Inspiring Journey

The biannual David Henderson Inspiring Journey Grant aims to inspire public interest in the oceans and seas by funding an original, exciting journey for one winner to travel the world.


Outstanding Contribution

Sponsored by P&S Automation, this award recognises the achievement of engineers, scientists and technologists in improving marine safety, sustainability, education or international development.


Stanley Gray Fellowship

Awarded to a selected candidate judged to be of outstanding potential to enable a significant piece of work to be undertaken at Doctorate (PhD) or post-Doctorate level in a relevant topic.

Students and Early Careers


Bil Loth Ocean Decade

Established in memory of Bil Loth, this award encourages research and development projects that explore transformative solutions for sustainable development in the oceans.


John Blackburn Main

The John Blackburn Main Memorial Fund helps support students at the University of Strathclyde to gain practical experience, lasting between one and three months, in a country different from their birth or normal residency.


Lady Hamlyn Award

The Lady Hamlyn Award is in recognition of apprentices who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to their professional development in the marine sector.


SMI Donald Maxwell

Sponsored by the Society of Maritime Industries, this award recognises student dissertations in subjects related to marine engineering and technology.


Student Bursaries

IMarEST bursaries are targeted at undergraduate and postgraduate students, apprentices and cadets studying or working in marine engineering, science and technology.

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MCA Certificate Support

Supporting the next generation of marine engineers as they work towards the Maritime Coastguard Agency Certificate of Competency Management Level III/2 Engineering Knowledge.

Technical Writing & Journalism


Denny Medal

The Denny Medal is awarded annually to the best paper published in each of the IMarEST's technical journals; the Journal of Marine Engineering and the Journal of Operational Oceanography.


Kevin Tester Award

The Kevin Tester Award for Marine Journalism recognises the work of a journalist or team of journalists for exemplary reporting relating to a marine or maritime issue.


Sir Donald Gosling

A staple of the IMarEST's biannual International Naval Engineering Conference and International Ship Control Systems Symposium, the Sir Donald Gosling Award is presented to the best paper of the conference, as voted for by the Technical Committee.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The IMarEST Awards and Funding programme is designed to nurture marine engineering, science and technology talent, support academic research projects and reward academic achievement.

Additionally, the programme recognises outstanding contributions made across the marine sector, in particular those which demonstrate societal benefit in the fields of marine sustainability, safety, international development and education.

A vast array of opportunities exist for organisations wishing to provide financial contributions to the awards and funding portfolio. For more details or to get involved, please contact the IMarEST Awards team at [email protected].