Please allow about 15-20 minutes to complete this form.

If you have any difficulties with any of the questions shown on the form, please call the Guild of Benevolence on 020 7382 2644 or email the Guild for assistance here.

This is the annual assessment that you are required to complete, sign and return if you wish the Trustees to consider the continuation of your grant from the Guild of Benevolence.

Personal details
Next of kin
Other relevant information

Please provide the WEEKLY income for each and any of the following sources, including any from a spouse or partner.

Only enter numbers in numeric form, e.g. '50.00' or '150.75'.



For each and any of the below, please enter the purchase dates, frequency, and total amount of debt incurred.


Your expenditure

Detail both the weekly expenditure and any costs in arrears.

For example, if you spend £700 a month on your mortgage but have £400 in arrears, write it as '£175 (weekly), £400 (arrears)'.


Savings and capital

Only enter numbers in numeric form, e.g. '50.00' or '150.75'.


Further Information