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Mark Williams

'If you’ve only got a hammer every problem becomes a nail. Looking for the ingenious solution

Mark Williams was born in Birmingham and brought up in Bromsgrove. He went to the local Comprehensive and then Brasenose College Oxford University where he studied English.  

He has been acting since his schooldays and has worked for Mikron (the narrowboat theatre company) the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre Company and Birmingham Rep. 

He has appeared in many films including: 101 Dalmatians, Shakespeare in Love, Stardust and as Mr. Weasley in 7 of the 8 Harry Potter Films  

On Television he is known for the Fast Show and as the eponymous hero of the Father Brown series. 

A lifelong interest in Industrial Archaeology led him to present 2 documentary series on Britain’s Industrial Revolution, a series on Railways and one on Explosives.  

Maritime history: military, social, economic and engineering covers several feet of his bookshelves. He owns a small fishing boat and can tie a bowline.