Summer Lecture & Lunch Meeting

Venue: Leamington Suite, Kenilworth Holiday Inn, Kenilworth, CV8 2ED

Speaker: Dr Andy Syson

The in person only talk will look at naval aviation from a time before the first aeroplanes to the present day. It will cover the development of vessels that simply carried aircraft through the early trials taking off and landing on a warship on to the building of purpose built ships that we know today as aircraft carriers. It will look at how the rapid increase in size and speed of aircraft necessitated the adoption of innovated ways of enabling them to land and take off safely from a relatively short runway. The talk will concentrate on British and American aircraft carriers and the different approaches the two nations have taken in the construction of their carriers as well as rivalry between their respective navies and air forces. Whilst the term ‘Aircraft Carrier’ is normally taken to mean a warship that can carry aircraft, the talk will take a broader view of the term and deal with some of the more unusual aspects of naval aviation.


If you’re considering attending the the Lecture, please contact Mr.P Burrows via email: [email protected] giving your name & any one accompanying you This is essential to assess viability and make arrangements.

Tickets are priced at £18 per person.



Dr Andrew Syson

Dr Andrew Syson

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