Location: HMS Sultan, Military Road, Gosport, PO12 3BY

This lecture is an in-person lecture only however we do intend to record it. Refreshments will be provided from 18:00 with the lecture starting at 18:30.

The AUKUS programme is a Tri-Lateral partnership between Australia, the UK and the US which seeks to counter the growing threat to stability within the Indo/Pacific region. Pillar 2 is seeking to accelerate development of partner nations technologies which will allow them to advance their own capabilities such that they are better equipped to meet the challenge. AUKUS Pillar 1 aims to deliver a conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarine capability to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) that maintains the necessary safety, security, and capability and is delivered at the earliest possible time through the 'Optimal Pathway'. We will talk about how the UK is contributing to that effort and some of the challenges we are working through in order to deliver one of the most complex programmes the UK has partnered in within recent years.