Green Shiptech China Congress is the annual conference hosted by Ridge China. For our past GSCC 2012, GSCC 2013, GSCC 2014, GSCC 2015, GSCC 2016, GSCC 2017, GSCC 2018, GSCC 2019, GSCC 2020 , GSCC 2021 , GSCC 2022 and GSCC 2023, more than 4000 experts and decision makers from governments, classification societies, ship-owners, ship-yards, research institutes, technology/equipment suppliers and consulting companies have had in–depth discussion and communication on the current issues of IMO, European Commission, China MSA's policies and regulations, designs and standards for new ship models, innovative and sustainable green ship technologies through this international platform of annual Green Shiptech China Congress.

In year 2024, over 350 industry experts, corporate decision makers and government officials will be engaged in in-depth exchange of views and discussions on the issues and topics that we concern by virtue of the international platform of Green Shiptech China Congress 2024.


  • Policies and Regulations Update and Interpretate by IMO, European Commission and China MSA
  • Prediction of Operational Efficiency As a Key to Sustainable Ship Designs
  • Real Time GHG Measuring and Cloud-Based Reporting Tools
  • Facilitating Seamless Systems Integration of Hybrid Systems
  • Taking Efficiency to The Next Level For Large Cargo Vessels
  • Digital Technologies As a Key Enabler For Emissions Reduction
  • New Marine Coating Technologies for Optimum Efficiency and Marine Decarbonization
  • Developments in Wind-propulsion Technology: The Solution to Decarbonization
  • The Potential and Pitfalls of LNG As a Transitional Fuel
  • Methanol As Marine Fuel
  • Hydrogen As the Maritime Fuel of the Future
  • Ammonia Powered Vessels
  • Latest Innovations in Engine and Propulsion Systems
  • Onboard CCS Developments
  • Commissioning Testing and Clarity on Sampling Requirements for Commissioning of BWMS 


  • IMO
  • European Commission
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • China MSA
  • Financial Institutions
  • Marinetime Research Institutes
  • Solution & Technology Providers
  • Shipowners
  • Shipyards
  • Classification Societies