Location:  Palmerston Lecture Theatre, The Spark, Southampton Solent University East Park Terrace Southampton SO14 0YN

Speaker: Dr Arnold Dubois, Lead Hydrodynamicist, Silverstream Technologies

Over the past decade, hull air lubrication has proven itself as a practical and scalable decarbonisation solution for the shipping industry. Air lubrication aims to reduce the frictional resistance of a ship, thereby cutting fuel burn and emissions. Evidence of development and testing of concepts exists from the early 1900’s onwards and today hull air lubrication systems are in service and demonstrating performance benefits. Hull air lubrication systems form an important part of the suite of technologies and solutions that can be employed to achieve the goals set by the IMO in their commitment to reducing GHG emissions.

The Silverstream® System, a unique hull air lubrication system developed by Silverstream Technologies, generates a microbubble carpet through fluid shearing and has quickly become a market-leading technology in the space. Since the company’s technology came to market, the technology has demonstrated an average of 5-10% net savings as such showing that effective energy saving technologies can be commercialised and scaled rapidly. This lecture will explore how the air lubrication works, how the Silverstream® System functions, how performance is measured, and what future development opportunities lie ahead.

About the Speaker:

Dr Arno Dubois is the Lead Hydrodynamicist at Silverstream Technologies. He is responsible for oversight and delivery of research-based projects aimed to analyse, understand, and improve the Silverstream® System. His previous experience includes working as an Application Engineer for a simulation software company, specialising in computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer, and numerical and experimental research of hydrodynamic systems as part of his education and PhD research, which has been presented at several international conferences and published in various industry-leading journals.


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