Venue: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HN 
Time: Refreshments at 19:00, lecture starts at 19:25


Background: What would happen if future warships didn’t have any people onboard? What would a Large Uncrewed Surface Vessel (LUSV) look like and what could it do? Using these driving questions BMT have created a vision of LUSV.

Whilst the concept of a large uncrewed surface vessel (LUSV) is not new, many navies needing fleetupgrades or modernisation have yet to formally consider the use of these types of open ocean high endurance vessels to enhance its surface fleet. When considered within a mixed fleet approach, the LUSV demonstrates compelling technical feasibility. However, as we chart this course towards the future of naval capabilities, it will be imperative that we further explore the economic viability to ensure a balanced and sustainable naval strategy. This presentation will discuss how LUSVs can be used for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) to provide cost effective added mass to a future mixed fleet solution. We will start by discussing the characteristics of an LUSV and what makes them such a promising vessel for persistent ASW. When discussing novel technology, it is also important to discuss the barriers to adoption that exist, and the technical challenges still required to be solved. These challenges range from ensuring the reliability of the engineering systems and practicalities and safety of the command and control systems.

Jake Rigby

Jake Rigby

Global Head of Innovation and Research, BMT

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