Location: TU Delft Mechanical Engineering building, Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD, Delft

Lunch lecture May 22nd - Lecture hall G
Documentary screening May 23rd - Lecture hall A

Speaker: Rudy HelmonsAssociate Professor Offshore and Dredging Engineering, TU Delft

While the world's climate is clearly warming, technological innovation continues to try and find solutions to the problems that it will bring. We are starting to see some promising progress but simultaneously another issue is rising - will we have sufficient rare earth metals to complete the transition?

Mining marine minerals might be part of the solution. Yet, various parties are strongly advocating against developing this so-far small field. They try to protect the unexplored marine ecosystems that might be explored in the future. To help you navigate this field, and broaden your general knowledge about marine minerals, we organize this set of events. This way we hope to start the open discussion about the wanted and unwanted developments in 'deep sea mining'.

The first event will be a lunch lecture in which Rudy Helmons. He will give us an introduction to the topic.

The second event will be a screening of the documentary Deep Rising followed by a panel discussion. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Dr Rudy Helmons

Dr Rudy Helmons

Associate Professor Offshore and Dredging Engineering, TU Delft

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