Maritime Leaders Forum at Trinity House, Tower Hill, London, EC3N 4DH.

Register for the fifth Maritime Leaders Forum. Sarah Kenny will lead a panel reviewing the October 2023 Government framework for Greater Position, Navigation and Timing Resilience to underpin Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). 

The framework contains ten measures and recommendations. It includes setting up a dedicated National PNT Office in government, bolstering back up plans in case of failure of regular navigation systems such as Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and the further scoping of technologies such as precise clocks and new satellite-based systems to ensure continuous location and timing information. This is of particular significance given the security environment in key regions. The effect will be felt across the Maritime Industry, in services, particularly finance, the freight supply chain and navigation at sea. 

The forum is an opportunity for you to influence policy and share best practice with other leaders, as we work to energise the UK Maritime Sector, while meeting national and international security and Climate Change challenges. Delegates are encouraged to offer their experience, as well as ask questions. We are looking for a wide-ranging discussion, considering how we can maximise the benefits of technology while understanding the risks, including those associated with cyber technology. At the conclusion of the formal session there will be a networking reception.