This webinar looks at variation into our thinking around structural engineering. We will look at the types of variation we see, how we’ve done this traditionally through empirical safety factors, then into stochastic analysis and risk-based approaches and now with Data-Centric approaches, which is why we want pervasive sensors and to learn from these in-situ.


Adam Sobey - The Alan Turing Institute

Adam Sobey is Programme Director for Data-Centric Engineering at The Alan Turing Institute, the national AI Institute, Professor of Data-Centric Engineering at the University of Southampton and Non-Executive Director of Theyr Ltd. His current research topics are Evolutionary Computation, Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Environments and Data-Centric Engineering. These have been applied in a range of industrial applications with a focus on reducing emissions. In 2015 he was awarded the Royal Institution of Naval Architect’s Jeom Paik Award for his investigations into using soft computing approaches to improve the reliability of ship structures.