With over 130 years experience, we work with some of the biggest and most reliable names in the marine industry.

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Corporate Membership

From start-ups to large corporates, we offer a range of membership and partnership options to suit your company requirements. We provide your employees with individual resources and development tools, along with valuable profile-raising benefits for your organisation. If your organisation is educating or employing the next generation of marine engineers, scientists or technologists, you may want to consider our membership and partnership options.


Commercial opportunities

We are the only Institute in the world that brings together marine engineers, scientists and technologists into one international multi-disciplinary professional body. Our approach to commercial partnerships is unique - our members are key influencers and decision makers in the world’s leading marine brands, so we can offer bespoke multi-channel partnerships, supporting your company’s marketing strategy and engagement goals.


Accrediting programmes

We offer an accreditation scheme for Initial Professional Development (IPD) and graduate programmes at companies in the engineering, science, technology and marine sectors. Our international stamp of excellence can help your company to attract world-class talent, gain industry confidence and showcases your organisation as a quality training provider.


CPD recognition

We provide a CPD Recognition service for events and training courses related to marine engineering, science and technology. This can help attract more delegates but can also help you to expand into new markets.

Our recognised training courses and event providers

We recognise hundreds of training courses and events for the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) value they offer our members. See the full list and the organisations that offer them here, as well as apply for recognition for your own course or event.



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