04 Apr 2024

How to Improve the Accuracy of Inclination of Semi-Submersible Drilling Rigs – Some Practical Experience

A reflection on a webinar hosted by the Singapore Joint Branch.

This webinar discussed the features pertaining to the Inclination Experiment (IE) of semi-submersible drilling rigs (SSDRs). Due to the SSDR hull configuration and certain specifics of exploitation of rigs, the IE of SSDRs contains features which differ from that of conventional ships, including but not limiting to:

  1. Special approach to accuracy and to selections of draft, direction of inclination and ways of inclining the Rig
  2. Specifics of Lightship weight and Variables definition
  3. Hydrostatic and Tank Sounding Tables preparation. We explored the influence of these features on IE techniques and possible ways to increase the effectiveness of an IE

Furthermore, we learnt how the implementation of these techniques can significantly increase the accuracy and reliability of the results of the SSDR IE. Some of these techniques could be recommended for general implementation in any SSDR IE, while others can be used when higher accuracy is required. Ultimately, the knowledge of the discussed procedures was helpful to Naval Architects in making appropriate engineering decisions in future.

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