28 Feb 2023

Announcing our strategy and 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Our members, as marine professionals across the globe, are working on some of the biggest challenges of all time. Whilst true for all of the Institute’s 134-year history, today the increasing pace of change creates a new urgency to accelerate technological progress as well as to introduce measures to mitigate climate change. Against the backdrop of a shifting world order, the Institute must ensure that technological change remains relevant, properly managed and contributes to the safe and sustainable use of the oceans and ocean resources.

The IMarEST’s purpose is more critical than ever as we look at how we can make a difference in the next three years and beyond. As a home for those working across the marine sector, the Institute's role is to support marine professionals throughout their careers, ensuring they continue to develop their skills and stay abreast of the latest knowledge in their fields.

At the centre of our new strategic plan for 2022-2025 is a new vision of the IMarEST as the trusted voice across the marine sector and as the global community for marine professionals, distinguished as leaders in shaping a sustainable world.

Download our 2023 - 2025 Strategy here

Our members are at the very heart of the Institute. We appreciate that every marine profession across engineering, science and technology has its own unique needs that the Institute must fulfil. Within this Strategy, we recognise these differences and seek to concentrate on the professional and individual needs of our members and partners.

As we take the Institute into the next chapter of its life, you will see us focus on six strategic themes: membership experience, community and member engagement, technical leadership, growth through innovation, public profile and communications, and operational excellence.

We are looking forward to working with our team, our members, partners, and the many volunteers who all are critical in supporting and delivering our endeavours. Together we will achieve our vision and mission and we want to thank everyone who shares their passion for the Institute for your continued support.

IMarEST Strategy 2023-2025

You can download our Strategy and 2023-2025 Strategic Plan here.