20 Feb 2023

Announcing the winner of our Marine Professionals at Work Photography Competition 2023

Over the course of our Marine Professionals at Work Photography Competition 2023, the Institute received a stunning assortment of entries depicting the working lives of marine professionals. We are pleased to announce the grand winner of the competition is James Jumalon. As a Fitter, James’ photo portrays the challenging task of repairing and constructing resilient container socket shoes.  His entry was accompanied by an inspiring piece of writing, titled Sunrise Sparks which recounts his working day onboard a container ship.


Thank you to all participants for sharing an insight into their lives as hard-working marine professionals. In upcoming weeks, we will be revealing some of our favourite entries across our social media channels in a new ‘Career Corner Series’.

Anshie Patel, Head of Marketing & Communications at the IMarEST said: “We launched this competition to educate and inspire the next generation about the variety of opportunities available to them in the marine sector. The entries captured an eclectic mix of admirable careers which we are excited to spotlight in a new social media series. I’d like to thank all entrants for helping us enlighten young people about the challenging yet fulfilling opportunities the marine sector has to offer.”

The new Careers Corner Series will begin on Friday 3rd March across the IMarEST’s social media channels.

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