22 Jun 2020

Future Vision: Naval Engineering SIG

The NESIG constitution, history and current activities are already established, but we have ambition to do much more, and we also want to make it useful and relevant to members and potential members, including the naval engineering industry. So we have developed a Vision and Mission:

  • Vision - The global professional hub for all those engaged with the naval engineering community
  • Mission - To celebrate the success, represent the views, debate the challenges, and facilitate the continual professional development of the naval engineering community

To this end we are planning the following additional actions:

  • Taking the current NLSE formats to different locations and communities
  • Continuing the series of webinars to include: Procurement transformation, Cyber-security, RN Type 26 Combat System, Electric Propulsion, Obsolescence, RN Type 31, Future Fuels, Environmental Compliance, Open Architecture Combat Systems
  • Instituting a series of recorded interviews with eminent people in the Naval Engineering Community and presenting them online and in the magazine
  • Exploring how the above might be used to deliver and facilitate CPD to focused groups of naval engineers

But we need the membership’s views and help, because this must be of benefit to them for it to work. Please let us have your ideas on any topic, but in particular on:

  • Where else geographically should we hold INEC events (Australia, USA)?
  • Are there other Learned Society Conference topics we could address?
  • What Webinar or Interview topics would you like to see or hear?
  • Are there other forms of delivery that would be useful (workshops, seminars), and if so: what, how and where?
  • How else can we usefully deliver CPD (noting that recording CPD is mandatory and auditable for Chartered Engineers)?

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