21 Aug 2023

WEBINAR: Life/Rescue Boat Launching Appliances

A webinar from the Ship Maintenance, Repair & Safety SIG.

This webinar discusses inspecting the main parts for launching appliances, including davits, brake mechanisms, wire rope, and drums. This is based on the speaker's long experience in the field and many surveys.

The webinar starts with a brief mention of the regulations regarding brake mechanisms, and then looks at the most common types of brakes. After this, we proceed to davits inspection and wire rope and drums. Finally, we touch briefly on the issues of lifeboats and release gear safety.

About the Speaker

Christos Papalos is Technical Manager at Marpa Co Ltd. A marine engineer by trade, Christos has worked as a field engineer for more than 20 years and has performed more than 500 inspections worldwide. Christos holds a BEng in Marine Engineering from Newcastle University and an MBA from the University of Leicester.