08 Apr 2024

Research in marine engineering, technology and operational oceanography awarded the IMarEST Denny Silver Gilt Medal 

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology has announced the winners of the 2023 Denny Silver Gilt Medal. The medal is presented to the lead author for the best research papers published in Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology (JMET), and the Journal of Operational Oceanography (JOO).  

The 2023 winners for the paper published in the Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology are: Robert Damerius, Agnes Schubert, Carsten Rethfeldt, Georg Finger, Sandro Fischer, Gerd Milbradt, Martin Kurowski, Michael Gluch & Torsten Jeinsch, for their paper entitled: Consumption-reduced manual and automatic manoeuvring with conventional vessels. The paper proposes a gradual approach towards ship automation starting with the intelligent assistance of common manual steering by means of a Manoeuvre Assistance System (MAS). 

Co-author Agnes Schubert says of winning the award: “We were in no way expecting to receive this award for the best paper. It was a surreal surprise. We see the award as recognition of our persistent work on the gradual and nautically transparent automation of conventional ships so that shipping can meet the current challenges of our time. The many authors of the paper testify to the fact that extensive developments were required to manoeuvre automatically with the 52-meter-long research vessel DENEB built in 1994. The successful tests are the result of close cooperation between the control engineers at the University of Rostock and the nautical officers and engineers at the University of Applied Sciences Wismar in the north-eastern Germany. The authors would like to thank the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) for making these tests on the survey and research vessel DENEB possible. Our special thanks also go to the DENEB crew, who not only supported us with unwavering calm, but contributed significantly to the success of these tests. A project is currently being carried out involving the automatic, cooperative manoeuvring of several autonomous watercrafts. There is still a lot to do!” 

The 2023 winners for the paper published in the Journal of Operational Oceanography are Lucy R. Wyatt and J. J. Green for their paper entitled: Swell and wind-sea partitioning of HF radar directional spectra. The paper demonstrates that wave spectra measured with HF radar, using different radar systems at different frequencies, can be partitioned in a robust and meaningful way providing clearer information for users about the sea surface conditions. 

Lead author, Lucy R Wyatt, says of receiving the award: “I am delighted that this paper has been selected for this honour. Like most science it has been a team effort building on the work of Jim Green, my co-author, and that of my former PhD student Jennie Waters, whose work is referenced in the paper, and using data provided by collaborators. I am grateful to them all for their contributions to this work.” 

The winners are selected by the journals’ editors in conjunction with the Institute’s Publications Supervisory Board. Their decision reflects the journals’ ambitions to explore the latest developments in the field for industrial practitioners and academia. The editors take into consideration the technical quality of the paper and the accuracy and completeness of the content. They also consider such factors as originality, significance to the research community, impact, and the clarity of presentation.