13 Dec 2023

Lean, Green and Mean: Call for papers for INEC 24

The organising committees of INEC 24, which incorporates iSCSS, is now welcoming papers covering the themes of ‘lean, green and mean’ to drive innovation and improvement to meet the contemporary challenges faced by naval engineers across the globe.

The conference organised by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST), will take place on 5-7 November 2024 at the Spine in Liverpool. It is expected to attract over 300 delegates from over 25 countries.

Chair of the INEC technical advisory committee, RAdm JJ Bailey, RN, Ministry of Defence UK, explains: “Almost every sector is applying the ‘lean, green, mean’ approach and we are no different. It neatly summarises the three elements that Naval Engineers can influence the most: Economy of Effort, Concentration of Force and Sustainability. We’re looking for papers from our naval engineering community who want to share their work and inspire their fellow professionals.”

The conference provides a platform for professionals to share ideas, create networks, promote good practice for the designers, engineers, operators, students and researchers who plan, build, operate, maintain and recycle ships and submarines across the full product lifecycle. Papers are invited on any related subject with awards for the best submissions from people under the age of thirty-five.

The conference will incorporate the International Ship Control Systems Symposium (iSCSS) which is also calling for papers. RAdm JJ Bailey, RN, adds: “As the competitive advantage sought by designing for leaner crews, with more integrated and remote control, and non-traditional fuel sources change the fundamental architecture of the maritime platforms, our continued partnership with iSCSS provides a breadth of technical view that remains unique in the naval sector.”

Closing dates for submissions of papers for INEC and iSCSS is 08 January 2024, and successful authors will be notified in early March. Papers will be reviewed based on technical quality, relevance and their potential for generating interest and discussion. Some papers may be included in IMarEST publications after the conference, subject to the author(s) permission. To submit a paper for consideration you must have an EasyChair account, full details of how to submit a paper can be found here: https://www.imarest.org/events/event-calendar/inec-iscss-24/inec-papers.html.