29 Apr 2024

IMarEST present bound4blue with 2023 Outstanding Contribution Award

The winner of the 2023 Outstanding Contribution Award, presented by the Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), is bound4blue, a Spanish company that develops Rigid Sails Technologies for vessels which deliver fuel consumption reductions. The Award was presented at the Institute’s recent Annual Dinner. 

Sponsored by P&S Automation, the Outstanding Contribution Award recognises the achievement of engineers, scientists and technologists in improving marine safety, sustainability, education or international development.  

Yves De Leeneer, President of the IMarEST, says: “The 2023 Outstanding Contribution Award is awarded to bound4blue for their innovative contributions in the field of marine sustainability and their commitment to addressing the environmental challenges faced by the maritime industry. 

“They have successfully completed a program to tackle the environmental impact of merchant vessels, using wind-assisted propulsion technologies to significantly reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.” 

This adaptable solution impressed the selection panel because it not only provides a solution for new builds but is also suitable for retrofitting existing vessels. 

Examples of its efficiency include the following:  

  • Two 17-meter-high sails were successfully implemented on the Eems Traveller, resulting in annual savings of 245 tons of CO2 and 76.7 tons of fuel, mitigating particulate matter release.  

  • The Ville de Bordeaux, equipped with three 22-meter-high sails, is expected to achieve annual savings of 2705 tons of CO2 and 845.3 tons of fuel, effectively curbing particulate matter emissions. 

Head of Marketing, Dana Camps Valls who accepted the Award, says: “We are honoured to receive the IMarEST Outstanding Contribution Award. A heartfelt thank you to Peter Tedder, Head of Global Marine at Leo Maritime Ltd, for his support in nominating us. This award celebrates individuals and organisations driving positive change in the marine sector, and at bound4blue, we take great pride in our contribution to decarbonising the maritime shipping industry through our suction sail system. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to sustainable innovation and our ongoing fight against climate change.” 


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