03 Apr 2024

LECTURE: Engine Performance of Methanol or Hydrogen Dual-Fuel Marine ICEs

A webinar from the Benelux Branch.

How do we make shipping CO2-neutral? According to the speakers in this lecture, the answer to that question leads to 'dual-fuel' engine technology using the renewable fuels hydrogen or methanol.

The first presentation explains why this is so and what exactly this technology encompasses. Jeroen Dierickx shares his PhD research in this field. This research had two objectives: on the one hand to experimentally test methanol dual-fuel operation with the aim to investigate the potential regarding e.g. efficiency and emissions; and on the other hand to model the dual-fuel combustion process with hydrogen and methanol in order to accelerate the development process.

In the second presentation, Luc Mattheeuws shares an extended version of his award-winning presentation at the 30th CIMAC congress in Busan, South Korea, in June 2023. He describes how the combustion technology of hydrogen was integrated from single cylinder results to a full scale installed and running engine with optimized control system. During the research, design and development phase, most care was taken for the design of a gas safe concept. When multiple weeks of independence is needed by shipowners, they investigated methanol development as well to continue to meet the same clean and emission requirements.

About the Speakers

Dr Jeroen Dierickx is a graduate of Ghent University.

Luc Mattheeuws works for Anglo Belgian Corporation.