04 Apr 2024

LECTURE: Marine Accidents and Incidents - a UK Success Story

A webinar from the Midlands Branch.

This presentation covers the role of the Marine Engineer in investigating marine accidents and incidents. It includes illustrated case studies on some of the major casualties including machinery damage, collisions, oil spills and heavy lift crane failures. Common causes are explored - or lack thereof - and the various approaches the insurance markets take and the potential impacts these have on determining cause.

Richard Bailey discusses the various parties in these incidents as well as the roles they play; not just the Marine Engineer but also the Master Mariner, Naval Architect, Civil Engineer, and Data Analyst. It also touches on the UK’s world-leading role in both the hull and machinery insurance markets and the protection and indemnity clubs as well as in the UK’s admiralty courts and the work that these generate for the UK marine sector.

About the Speaker

Richard Bailey is a Marine Surveyor with ABL.