29 Aug 2023

WEBINAR: Alternative Fuel Pathways: Hydrogen, Ammonia and CCS

A webinar from the South East England & London Home Counties Branch.

The IMO strategy on GHG emissions from ships has accelerated the decarbonisation trend in the maritime industry. To achieve the IMO target, several decarbonisation solutions exist such as hardware optimisation, alternative fuels, energy saving devices, carbon capture, software that support operation, maintenance, etc.

Alternative fuels such as LNG, LPG, methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, bio-fuels and electro-fuels are increasingly being studied as decarbonising fuels. Of these, this webinar highlights hydrogen and ammonia, which are zero-carbon fuels. Other fuels may be used on board along with systems that can capture the carbon from the exhaust. One such system, the Carbon Capture System (CCS), is also addressed.

Highlighted are several ship designs that use hydrogen and ammonia as fuel and employ CCS on board. Liquefied CO2 carriers developed to transport the captured CO2 are also highlighted.

About the Speaker

Dr Abdul Rahim was appointed as Corporate Officer of Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) in 2020, and is currently the Managing Director, Europe and Africa, of ClassNK based in London. He has been with ClassNK for more than 3 decades, serving long stints in various roles in Tokyo, Singapore, London, Mumbai and Dubai. He also holds the position of Chairman of NAPA Group, Finland.