05 Apr 2024

WEBINAR: Identifying Shipping Decarbonisation Enablers

A webinar from the South East England & London Home Counties Branch.

Decarbonisation of the maritime industry, which depends on fossil fuels, is not simple. The maritime ecosystem is critical to the global economy, and it can be fragile, as we witnessed during the pandemic when port congestion and difficulty of making crew changes contributed to supply chain disruptions around the world. We need to proceed with urgency but be mindful and innovate.

Moving towards the global decarbonisation targets set by the International Maritime Organization requires the adoption of multiple enablers with varying greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction impact and different levels of required investment.

This webinar gives an overview of enablers, including:

  • Shipboard energy efficiency technologies
  • Operational and commercial practices
  • Digital technology
  • Zero-carbon fuels and technology
  • Energy conversion and shipbuilding technology
  • Policies and regulations
  • Financing incentives
About the Speaker

Dr Kirsi Tikka is a Non-Executive Director and Maritime Advisor at the Ardmore Shipping Corporation. She has previously held roles at the American Bureau of Shipping and Pacific Basin Shipping.