09 Feb 2024

The new Human Element Checklist - the Human Element Industry Group speaks at the IMO

The IMarEST is proud to share that the Human Element Industry Group (HEIG) recently conducted an important lunchtime presentation at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) during HTW 10. Facilitated by Captain John Lloyd, Chief Executive of The Nautical Institute, and presented by Dr. Jonathan Earthy, IMarEST, the session explained the significance and implications of the new, mandatory Human Element Checklist, and on the resources available to facilitate its implementation.

Dr. Earthy provided a comprehensive overview of Resolution A.947 and MSC/MEPC-Circ.5.rev3, elucidating their core components and implications for member States and industry. Key topics included pertinent issues, the wide range of stakeholders to be considered, the impact on outputs and IMO projects, and recommendations for best implementation and use.

The primary objectives of HEIG encompass emphasizing the criticality of the Human Element and fostering enhanced industrial coordination and cooperation in addressing IMO-related challenges. A deeper comprehension of the human element ensures its proper consideration across all facets of the IMO's current and future work.

Through its engagement with the IMO and HEIG, the IMarEST reaffirms its unwavering commitment to marine professionals by promoting best practices, raising awareness, and bolstering safety measures. We are dedicated to facilitating continuous improvement within the maritime sector, ensuring safety today, tomorrow, and every day.