22 Apr 2024

The IMarEST partners with CWP to present Oceans of Opportunity: A Change of Tide

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) is partnering with Content With Purpose (CWP) to produce an extensive digital series exploring the profound role of marine professionals in fostering a thriving blue economy, while protecting our ocean and its invaluable resources. 

Launching amidst the Ocean Decade 10-year framework, Oceans of Opportunity: A Change of Tide will draw upon themes inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, embarking on a journey to uncover stories at the intersection of engineering, science and technology, and the responsible stewardship of our oceans. A diverse array of future-focused content including short films and interviews will dive into cutting-edge research, groundbreaking projects, and visionary initiatives showcasing how oceans can shape the future of global sustainability.  

From innovations in offshore renewables and sustainable shipping to the intricate domain of ocean governance, the series will bring the opportunities and challenges of our ocean economy to the surface. It will explore the fundamental role of our ocean in chartering a course to net zero and supporting climate repair, emphasising the importance of balancing the needs of society and the environment through the use of engineering, science and technology. 

Meanwhile, protecting and developing those supporting our ocean endeavours is paramount, and the series will shine a light on efforts to improve safety, mental health and wellbeing for seafarers, and train the next generation of marine professionals. 

Oceans of Opportunity: A Change of Tide will launch in November 2024, with a premier screening at the IMarEST's prestigious Stanley Gray Lecture. It will then be promoted through an extensive digital marketing and communications campaign, with tailored content for specific audiences including IMarEST members and the global marine community, academia, policymakers, adjacent professions, young people and the general public. 

Chris Goldsworthy, IMarEST Chief Executive, said: “Our community of Engineers, Scientists and Technologists are at the heart of solutions to some of the biggest challenges we have ever faced, and their critical role in shaping a brighter future cannot be understated. With the help of CWP, we’re delighted to have this opportunity to share their stories and drive meaningful change across the marine sector and beyond.” 

Max Smith, Founder & Managing Director, CWP, said: “This series will aim to capture a vision for the future blue economy, and showcase progress where innovation and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Teaming up with the IMarEST allows us to amplify the voices of those at the forefront of the marine industry. Through compelling storytelling and thought-provoking content, we're igniting a global conversation about the transformative potential of the blue economy, and the imperative need to preserve our oceans." 

CWP is a strategic content creator that works in partnership with leading member bodies and associations; engaging professionals on their industries' contribution to a better society and a healthier planet. 


Organisations interested in contributing to the series should contact Abigail Roels, Series Development Manager at CWP to learn more: [email protected]