15 Apr 2024

WEBINAR: Shipping, Automation and the Environment: The Increasing (Not Decreasing) Importance of Human Factors

A webinar from the Human Element SIG.

In this webinar, Dr Claire Pekcan from Safe Marine gives a presentation on the increase in need for human factors support and expertise with the rising use of artificial intelligence and future fuels. In the context of these future challenges for the shipping industry, requiring behaviour change from crews, management and company owners to manage the technological change.

About the Speaker

Dr Claire Pekcan is a Senior Lecturer in organisational behaviour at Liverpool John Moores University and a Maritime Psychologist at Safe Marine Ltd. After a career spanning 20 years in the international maritime and ports sector, Claire joined Liverpool John Moores University in 2023 as a Senior Lecturer in organisational behaviour. Previously, Claire was a professor at Warsash Maritime Academy where she set up and ran an online MSc in Shipping Operations, conducted extensive research into fatigue at sea and developed courses in resource management, leadership coaching, and maritime human factors.

In 2017, she was awarded a doctorate for her own research that investigated the relationship between employer and employee and its impact on the psychological wellbeing and the safety performance of staff. In 2018, Claire founded Safe Marine, a specialist consulting company that helps shipping companies to manage their people and safety management challenges. Now, she uses her insights to help learners at the university understand and manage behavioural aspects of organisational performance.